Sunday, 29 August 2010

Goodbye bikinis

Summer appears to have ended, and it is with great sorrow that I admit to myself that I am most probably not going to be wearing these again for another year *sniffel sniffel* 
So to mark this terribly sad day of bikini putting away, I thought I would share my favourite 7 bikinis with you!
Number one, my ultimate favourite bikini, £10 F&F at Tesco. I love leopard print, I love bandeau bikinis. Therefore...done done aaaaand DONE! 

My number 2 bikini is the absolute bargain from O'neil. I love their bikinis but just cannot afford them, but when I found this one I couldn't believe my luck! (before I tell you how much it was I think you may need to take a seat). Seated? Here goes, This O'neil bikini, which provides some killer tan-lines :s cost a mere........£5!!!!!
Number 3, for under £10 at Dunnes. This isn't actually a matching bikini, I came across the top at the end of a sale and could't locate the bottoms, so I purchased the closest match I could find! My friends bikini is from George at Asda. I cannot describe how uncomfortable that hammock was...hello rope burn!

Number 4 Simple Black bikini from George at Asda. Top £2 the bottoms I am wearing are actually from H&M about 4 years ago, but you can't see the design on them here :(

Number 5 Also a H&M number, this cost me £15 I love that its leopard print!

Number 6, George at Asda, whole bikini about £5 with Pink flower in hair from H&M.
Number 7, blue and white, stripey twisted bandeau bikini, not great for staying put whilst jumping off boats, but perfest for catching some rays! This one is from Primark for £7 

Goodbye bikinis, I will miss you lots. I will get you lots of new friends for next year in the sales :)

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  1. nice pictures! i like your blog. hope you will become a f ollower of my blog too?